- near miss

Live to fight another day.

It was an uneventful night in which I slept heavily.
In fact, I slept all day AND all night due to the incredible amount of medication in my system no doubt. It worked. That's all that counts.

Being in the bathroom at 3am clearing my throat manually and stuffing salbutamol down my throat every 30 seconds is NOT my idea of a good time. It is preferable to sleepwalk, talk or yell. One thing I realised is that my fear of death has diminished.
I was not nearly as panicked as last time.

Really and truly I suppose I should call 9-1-1 when these things happen.
I just...... well.... what are they going to do that I can't?


These stupid allergies go in seasons.
I bet if I would look through my blog (no wanna) I would find similar episodes in other years, at the same time. Except my giant blog-o-rama I deleted but this one may contain a rant about suchlike things as well.

Do I souynd scared?

Well yeah. I am.