By Consent Only

Some assignments are by consent only. The sort of thing that would fall into this category is where the client has a disease or disorder that may cause physical or emotional distress to the Caregiver. This catchy phrase includes both getting a nasty disease AND getting more scabs over those emotional scars.

This time around it means the caregivers comfort level around persons with H.I.V. or A.I.D.S.

I remember very well what happened the first time we all, the global we, had encounters around the exotic gay-mans disease.

Isn't that what they all said? Gay man's disease?
The first patient in the Regional Hospital admitted with full-blown AIDS was not only in isolation, but treated by Doctors and Nurses wearing moonsuits. It was just as well, I suppose. Ignorance might travel through osmosis.

Two of my friends had the misfortune to be born with hemophaelia. Oh, isn't that the bastard monarch's disease? Isn't that what they said?

What a load of shit it all is when the notorious they start talking. My friends, brothers, both contracted HIV-AIDS courtesy of the Canadian Red Cross's tainted blood supply. OH they got $100,000 in compensation before they died. Lucky them./

A girl I knew in Church had a rotter of a husband. She had married him straight out of High School, having met him in Youth group and being a fine Christian woman, choosing her life partner from what she considered to be a *safe* group of men. Safe all right. He cheated on her, abused her and finally, abandoned her. She went on a Carribean Cruise and had a fling. This was her one and only sex outside of marriage experience. Six months later she was diagnosed with HIV. I think she died of a broken heart.

A friend from the City was just coming to terms with his sexuality. He and his friend took off after graduation and went to New York City; a coming out of sorts. They returned and 5 years later the first of them died a fast HIV-AIDS death. The other contracted lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer.... finally checking out of the Hospital to go home for a Scotch and a smoke.

"Scott, what the hell do you mean, you are going home for a Scotch and a smoke? You have stomach and lung cancer for pity's sake!?"

"Exactly. Come have a shot and a puff with me."

I did so.

So the telephone rings and it's my Office calling.

"We want to ask you if you would have a problem caring for someone with HIV-AIDS?"

"No, I am a city girl. Lost a few friends this way. No problem at all."

And it wasn't.
And it isn't.
And it never will be.



UP up and away in my beautiful blog

Here we are, here we are.

Interesting that on this day I have little to say about anything at all.
Except some complaining....
This is most likely because:
a) it is extremely hot here
b) I have 3 days off in a row
c) Tomorrow is an event I am hosting
d) all of the above.

Yes, that is correct. "d" is the money answer.

Summertime in paradise tends to hold care crises. People dehydrate.
Sunburns happen. And of course there is the always present allergy/asthma attacks that go with this sort of lengthy unseasonably hot weather. Time for some water.

And you should take this opportunity to go and get some too!
Water, drink of the Gods.
(chocolate, food... (nm) )

more later when I am sensible.

yadda bloody yadda