=------------ * Resolutions for the New Year *


hmm I should prolly check on last years to see if I accomplished any before launching into more.

This year I resolve:

1--- To order a custom Harley from Morgostas' Iron Forge Choppers and have it delivered here to me in Paradise.

2--- To incorporate yoga into my life somehow, I want to be flexible.

3---- To follow my Doctor's instructions and try to live a year without a neural storm stopping me in my tracks.

4 ---- To publish at least a short story.

5---- To abandon fear.

6---- To make it to June and then enroll for the Activities Aide course. And complete it.

7--- To accept imperfection in myself as not only inevitable but desirable.

8---- As per the above: to love myself as myself and not strive to be something I cannot.

9--- To take at least one true vacation away from this Paradise.

10--- To renew old friendships. The ones I can remember at least.

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