Timeline of the Next Month

This should be filed under: "reasons I am not blogging" with a subheading for "Arda my love I am busy..."

Can I finally be nearing maturity? Not MUDding??
That is tantamount to heresy. Arda lovely Arda where the digital winds sooth my furrowed elven brow, how I shall grieve our absences. I leave you Telvorn in my stead, who can outMUD anyone while recoding the world. In all my digital years, I have yet to meet someone I respect more than Telvorn. We share similar air and many common beliefs. It is a stranger's familiarity that only other MUDders understand.

But I digress....

So firstly, the deed comes my way in 4 days. First up is the mighty mighty piano that must not be moved unless by expert movers. Luckily I have one living in my neck of paradise. Once the piano has exited the cozy condo I must look at the floor under it that cracked when it was moved in. 1400 POUNDS tends to do that sort of thing. I am moving my bed and some chairs in first so I can hang out in my new pricey digs without feeling orphanded.
It is going to be obnoxious in the beginning as I know very well my father will get any and everyone to come visit me. (oif)

All righty!
Next up it will be time to move the kitchen and dining room.... I have way too much china and silver for one lifetime. This is due to alot of it coming from other people's lifetimes. Nothing in my possession is unused or unwanted. I will have to purchase a new china cabinet for the items I have stowed in crates. One of the things I love about my new place is that it has a STORAGE ROOM in another building in addition to whatever that 1250 square feet has to offer. Alot of my papers are not yet digitised and must be transcribed. Until then, they live in bins, hopefully awaiting my keystrokes.

The cozy kitchen must then be repainted as it is shabby as hell. Since I am lazy and in a rush, I plan to only paint the surrounds of the cabinets and let the next fellas work their magicks. The dining room has about 65 holes to patch before I can paint due to the clock fetish. The second bedroom has to be painted after similar patching due to young people having their way with the walls. It must be heredity.

So busy .... lots more to do no time to discuss it but prolly will moan about it on here.

I love my new place!!

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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank



So many balls in the air, and still only two hands.
Which ball drops this time? Prolly the one marked: "Achieving balance and well-being" --again--

All the plans are in place and now I must only move paint and sell, in that order. This is going to cost me a whole lot of money and likely will be the last move I make this side of the soil. It also is a huge gamble on my part and one that I am undertaking with the attitude that every BIG dime I made got swept away in a sea of parenthood and ill-advised partnerships. This current gamble is built on an initial investment of 10k which has blossumed to 100k, all in equity. To keep my sanity in place, I am regarding it as 10k.

The balance that was absolutely integral to the last few years is going out the window as well. This I am doing as I am no longer paying a huge amount of tuition nor am I having to pay for dance related expenses and injuries. Sounds minor but after 12 physio visits they all ring up at $75 per.

The whole operation hinges on my second job. After a lot of belly button glimpses and much discarded lint, I have jetted the second hospice job. Not that my heart is not there, more that I need a second income that is not generated by health-care. It is a decision made after thinking long and hard. Far less money, but no attachment.

The new second income job starts next week and involves being responsible for the evening shift at an independant living apartment building. It is a very well run establishment that I have always viewed with respect. I also am one of those people who can be polite and pleasant to all and come off as halfway sincere. This is because I genuinely enjoy people and their stories. I enjoy interacting outside the home. My own home is sacred. No, you cannot come visit. No, I am not mad at you, I just do not like sharing my sacred space.

Besides, I have some auring to do. This whole December 21st 2012 thing has me thinking. The glass bowl is calling. And no, I do not care to explain that one.

While watching this Discovery Channel theme afternoon on the end of the world at Dec21st 2012 thing, it was mentioned that Nostradamus firmly believed that his was a gift of prophecy that had come down the family. My sister was looking amused. It is funny that she can be in our family, and not understand this part of it. It is not really a gift, it is a predeliction towards intuitiveness. My brother and I both have it. My mother fought against it. Our Sinclair great grandmother believed she had it and spoke of her own grandmother recognising the gift in her. Of course I do not really believe this but it is an interesting premise.

Are we all nuts? Sure we are. Assorted nuts. We also tend to be right in our assumptions on things far more times than most. I don't really have a bowl to gaze into. I do use cards....

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“The world thinks eccentricity in great things is genius, but in small things, only crazy”
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton


The Winds of Change are Blowin...

Living in Paradise is a matter of lifestyle enrichment. No matter what your address is in this area, it is good. Great. Fabulous. Outstanding.
So - why are we moving?

The cozy condo which I have customized and made my own is my haven and sanctuary. It is a little estate with 14 units. When I first moved in, I was saddened to learn that the woman in the home behind me had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Alot of prayer and even more surgery left her on permanent long-term disability, but alive. It stuck in my mind as a very cruel and strange twist of fate as she was in her early 40's. Since then, I have watched as person after person on my estate is felled with varying forms of cancer. Even I had a nasty bout of a treatable cancer a couple of years ago. It was debilitating but I recovered well and am clean and cancer free as of this date.

My immediate neighbour had a breast cancer recurrance in the time she lived here. The woman two doors over has been told she has 2 years to live as a stealth cancer ravages her insides. The woman 5 doors to the other side passed away early this year from ovarian cancer. She was 28 years old. After her death I vowed that if one more person announced a cancer I was going to run not walk to a realtor. Last week our little street man who lived in a condo his brother bought him moved into a full care facility as he has, no suprise, cancer.

Yesterday I bought another condo in the resort community where I do most of my work. It was almost 50 thousand more than I was willing to spend and I will be paying a mortgage off well into my late 60s but I DON"T CARE. No one in this newer place has been ailing and the seller was a vibrant 60 year old who had renovated the place for herself using all the same type of wonderful things I use. Now all I must do is to remove all my chandeliers and get packing. I am moving into the new place in 12 days. Then I plan to paint out my condo and leave minimal furnishings and sell the bugger.


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“The only objects of practical reason are therefore those of good and evil. For by the former is meant an object necessarily desired according to a principle of reason; by the latter one necessarily shunned, also according to a principle of reason.”
Immanuel Kant