Old Goth's never die


Sitting listening to "Bela Lugosi's dead" in my goth playlist for the umpteenth time.

I wonder how it is that I never tire of this. Suddenly, and without warning, it occurs to me that this would make a suiting song for my funeral. You know-- everyone sitting so reverently and suddenly the bass line starts.... and the drums... and then a visual...

singing: Ï'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead!

oh yes. I might have to arrange that for the *in case of accident* file.
After all, it's MY funeral!

-----@ @-----------

Another oddment;

When looking in Chapters for a daytimer....
.... 75% off all calendars and daytimers,

I found the one I liked best was titled:
Witches Datebook or some such thing
Witch and Witchcraft being the oh so noticeable words plastered everywhere.

I liked the daytimer with its woodcuts and planetary symbols etc..
There were dozens of really interesting moon facts and lots of celtic stuff.
Thus justified, I bought it. Today, my task was to modify it.

Not that I am ashamed of being a seeker, quester, knower of the arcane, fool stuffed full of foolery and other degrees of idiocy, but there is the family to consider.
And the clients.
And the bosses.
(altho I do know someone who sued the local health authority on the grounds that they disciminated against pagans)
Most of all, I dont want to scare the little kids, and of course there are always mothers and dads and religious zealots about. I love the volunteer job and do not want to offend willfully.

Inbetween my volunteer stuffs, I sat and pasted labels over every offending word: the cover was modified....the first few pages torn out... and various and sundry illustrations with the red button words pasted over.

Being a stellar kindergartener, I made celestial graphics and printed them in black and white and glue sticked them to the book. Then I coloured them.

Around about the time I should have been long gone, a little visitor was helping me. Her mom works there and she had to wait for the ride home. This little helper is no dumbie so I tried to distract her.

And then: The front door BURST open and a little gang of 11 year olds came in asking to use the telephone and all at once I have a little Christian crew exmining everything on the desk....


During the day I did notice a few of the staff gazing over to see what it was I was so diligently doing all the lib-long day. One or two even stood behind me *accidentally* but I wasnt admitting to anything (except to the bookkeeper who laughed almost as long as I did.)

So my new improved daytimer and I are fit for right-wing company.
This is the same group who had a prayer meeting on Halloweén night to counteract the evil being done.

What is really evil is the small focus. People are dying all over the world from starvation, aids, and ignorance. Now that is evil.

Nevermind the very few who are deluded about festivals and rituals.
The ability of we in the West to vilify one questionable thing, when there are such huge and obvious issues to tackle in this world of our God's is just stunning.

Africa needs us.
You. And me.