BAH! More Snow!

This Winter is getting very old. More severe weather warnings for my area, and more snow. If I wake up snowed in I will be most displeased. I need the $$
We do not get paid if we do not work. Like most people.

I had an interesting experience today.
I had a *change* in my schedule since I refused to return to the home of the hugger/rubber. I am not usually so picky but in this case I think it best just not to go there ---period--- since the person in question is generally very genteel and kind.
All the more reason it stunned me.

---- !

So the *change* was a lateral move so's to speak.
A couple in their 90's with dementias.... go help make sure they are all right and so on...

I go. He is deaf. Seems alot deafer when I try to speak with him than when everyone else does. And yes, there are quite a few people about. A team of house cleaners are around and a family member is taking a swim in the indoor pool.


All went well. I even had the wife down the hall and cleaned up which I announced to the stairwell as I left. The family were obviously surprised.

One of the housekeepers took me aside and said quietly:
"They don't usually like new people, they can be very difficult. You did very well.

OH great.


Do I sound spoiled?
It is only because it is becoming more and more common for all levels of staff to be put at greater and great risk as people with heavier dementias are staying at home longer.

So I traded a kisser and rubber/hugger for a possible puncher.