Did I happen to mention.... ?

Me and my doggieboy are content and happy in this small life we have.
Around me, the little city grows and the green spaces diminish. The property values soar ever higher and the newer residents all seem to be disgustingly wealthy. They also want all the perks of the big city and vote for changes that are spoiling this little paradise of ours. But that was inevitable.

Still this happiness has settled upon me in these, my advanced years.
As opposed to those my retarded years. heh. Truth!

The sorrow of my birth family continues as addiction and co-dependance continues without respite. It pains me greatly as there is no gain in dissecting the past. It is dead.
Many times in my life, I have been reminded that my capacity for compassion was born of this horror of olde. I could easily have been the one still searching for solace. In key ways I still am. More likely, I , like the Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz hear the cry: Begone! You have no power here!

I am lighting my candles now.

The Weekend!

Ever more mundane and pedantic, my weekend thrills have become super-colossal.
This weekend, I YouTube-d the audio BBC Lord of the Rings - as I MUD-ded.

Now that may seem small spuds to you, but to me the thrill was palatable!

Tonight I logged on to my YouTube and once again revisited one of the biggest parties I ever went to waaaaay back when. It was *the Fleshtones* and man it was one hell of a party. That was what my olde weekends were. Hah.

I smile when I see the uploaded *Right Side of a Good thing* - !
And you can too.

Sometimes I do miss the wasted days. That would be me being wasted I mean.
I had so much energy! People always thought I was loaded or high when most of the time I was just completely excited beyond compare! But that night I was completely wasted. __Someone__ served me repeatedly a lethal cocktail of some kind. I had a blast.

I remember the next day by the pool announcing that the sun was hurting me.
It was 5pm. hah