A Gem

To my delight, the Wordsmith is back on my rotation.
Oh what a pleasure to be doing anything at all for this wonderful man.
He greets me with:
" Are you as fit as you look?"

Well bless his heart for that.

He is asking me if I like poetry. Of course he remembers me but not the details of me or he would not be asking. We used to have word duels when I saw him all the time but he is 2 years older now and considerably frailer, and quite deaf.

Nevermind that, he is asking me if I like Noise?
He means Alfred Noyes and next I am hearing a recitation of
"The Highwayman.

Well naturally I know this as Loreena McKennit turned it into a song.
So he is chanting and I am singing as merrily we go along.

I love my job.

and this is a cute little rendition: