For all you girlies who keep asking me....

For those in the know, I have an evil twin.
He is just the best person in the world to be related to, largely because we share the most oddbeat sense of humour and find all the same things amusing.
Usually when in the company of others, even our own family, eyebrows go up and they abandon us to our deliriums.

The girls always ask me if it is true that my brother looks like Ricky Martin.
They hear it from the ones who HAVE bumped into him when he visits.

A picture is worth 1000 words.
What do you think?

just dont tell him I posted it.
He would scream about the above.

Of course I have my own celeb-look alike.
Shelley Duvall.

My solution: gain 30 pounds.
Worked for me. ;)