50 things about me.

Here goes:

1. I LOVE COFFEE. (and chocolate) (And coffee and chocolate)
2. I have a dog whom I adore.
3. I have an exaggerated sense of justice and despise social injustice above all.
4. I enjoy taking charge. I am a fair and capable boss.
5. I am very maternal in nature.
6. I have a very long fuse but once lit it flares quickly.
7. Since my teenage years, I have been on a quest of sorts.
8. I dream incredibly vividly and find equal pleasure in my dreamworld as in the physical realm.
9. Philosophy and religion interest me greatly. I suspect in other times, I would be burned at the stake.
10. I can only handle people one on one for any length of time.
11. My house is always messy, but clean, very clean.
12. Light and sound hurt me, because of a long-ago injury to my head/brain.
13. I enjoy Palliative care above all levels of nursing. Dying clients enjoy my company and frequently thank me profusely.
14. I believe strongly in giving back to the Community. I volunteer 5 to 8 hours a weeke, every week.
15. It is a privilege to perform my job to the complete and utter best of my ability.
16. People generally consider me convivial which I consider a huge personal triumph as it comes at much cost.
17. Few people would suspect my IQ tested above 167.
18. I want to see the Northern Lights for more than a week.
19. I love elegance. My home reflects that. It is very lovely.
20. People tell me the strangest things. I listen.
21. Travel does not interest me. I like my own bed, thank you very much.
22. Reading is my passion. I always have 3 or 4 books on the go.
23. I have yet to meet a man who could tolerate me, and more importantly that I could tolerate.
24. I'm single and loving it.
25. If I do get married, it would take a 2 carat diamond and a 100k cheque.
26. No, I am not kidding. "job Security" for all I would be giving up.
27. I do not smoke or drink. I dislike being in the company of those that do.
28. I can hang out online endlessly and enjoy it.
29. My personal motto is to "älways be a little kinder than necessary."
30. My private struggle is to exercise grace in all things.
31. I come from a very eccentric family. And I am no exception.
32. My Sagittarian traits are over-exaggerated. Particularly bluntness.
33. I handle crises exceptionally well.
34. I have more than a few clocks. Mechanical clocks are my favourite.
35. I collect sterling silver boxes.
36. I also collect religious ephemera.
37. I suffer from an assortment of parasomnias and take medication for them.
38. I have always believed that wealth for wealth's sake is an evil goal.
39. I can no longer read without glasses.
40. If I am sleep-deprived, I become disassociated from reality. Until my treatment for my brain injury, I slept 2 to 3 hours a night on average.
41. I trust almost noone. I never had reason to.
42. I believe in God. But I also believe there is a feminine divine.
43. I'm obssessed with boxes, glittery things, mexican pottery, and celestial thingamajiggies. Picking through the thrift is my joy.
45. I take myself out for breakfast to read the Saturday paper cover to cover happily.
46. I have more clothes than any ten other people. And I wear them all.
47. I love my cosy condo.
48. I love ambient music.
49. My favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien. Neil Gaiman is close though.
50. I love to walk in Tolkien's world. MUD baby, t2t.org