Good Title

The name of my next collection will be:

"The Shrieking of Nothing"

A very good title indeed stolen most blatantly from a Bowie song
"Ashes to Ashes."


A concert with Bwana Wana and my backpack was stolen right off my back *and* my very best leath bomber jacket the one festooned with gold pins.... mostly 18ct gold....

Can you believe Duran Duran opened...?
And some Canadian band that I have made a point of forgetting...

My strongest memory was the Security guy telling me to wait til the show ended to check the floors... Yeah I waited in that damned BC Place Stadium-
the hired goon security guys were picking up everything of value and putting in their pockets, as was their right I suppose.

I had to go home in a camisole, a skimpy lace camisole and a tweed skirt with high boots.... and Bwana Wana was so outraged on my behalf...

Bowie was great though. I do not believe I have ever seen a bad Bowie show.
Seen him about 7 times over the years.
Every time was different, fresh and fabulous and great value for the $

Live happily ever after with Iman, Mr. B.

Meantime, thanks for the title.