Weekender stuff

Having a small life is wonderful.
Movies are a source of joy for me. It was just chance that I did not pursue a career in film. I had both the talent and the opportunity. The reason I chose not to was a blinding precognition that given my personality, it would kill me. There is no doubt in my mind that Hollywood plus me would equal addiction and a downward spiral.

For every 100 films seen, I may comment on one. Maybe two.
Very seldom do films touch me sufficiently for me to blog about them.
After all I average 6 films a week.

This weekend past I saw "The Fountain" and "Pan's Labyrinth."

"The Fountain" got very mixed reviews but I rather liked it. Of course it could have been better but what couldnt?
The one persona of the man lived a dreamlife similar to the one I experience.
All that floating.....

"Pan's Labyrinth" was spectacularly good.
The evil was so very evil and the good so very naive.
Allegory or not, I wish there were more films in this mileiu.

Neil Gaiman's site has a link to the Stardust movie.
I had forgotten they snagged Peter o'Toole.
Reason enough for me to see it.