If it's Friday....?

Where am I?

Oh yes, it is my day of bliss; the day I get to come and work for free in an atmosphere as different from Geriatric and/or Pyschiatric Nursing as can possibly be.
It is not actually *work*-- rather it is joy. No matter how many times I write this, the sheer amount of happiness this brings me cannot be conveyed by mere words.

Early this morning when I checked in to my __real__ office, a few co-workers pounced on me regarding an unattended (by me) meeting.

"What happened to Workplace Wellness?"

When you are not present you cannot deliver a report.
I forgot about that. --ooops

The new way of delivering HealthCare in this Province under the current fiscally overly-responsible government has very little to do with compassion to the client or wellness to the employee. It is all about the almighty dollar. Big surprise, huh?

Screw wellness-- I have seen nothing wellness oriented from the Employer for over a year now. There is no way I have the temerity to stand up and give a report on a topic that I passionatly believe in yet must conceed we fail in.

Screw pretense.

One on one, a person at a time is where I see workplace wellness.
All day every day in as many ways as possible I want to send those ripples out.
It no longer involves meetings.

Not for me at least/