Just Blessed, thats all.

Some days you find yourself surrounded by chaos and other days it is different.
Today started badly for me, as the alarm just did not wake me up.
Leaving my cosy warm bed and my even cozier doggie seemed more difficult than usual.
Oh how I love my Mr. Fluffy-pajamas.

Got my early morning caffiene with a shot of hot chocolate, after twice punching in the wrong code then the wrong account. Looking at the drive through clerk I told her I would drive through again and sort it out so as not to hold up the line.

I did actually make it to my first appointment on time and prepared. It was a regular Mrs. Fuss-budget of mine', who has just lately decided that I might be all right after all. It took me 4 years to wear her down with my charms.
4 years and another client in the same building who told her that I was a rather nice person. Mrs. Fuss-budget told me this herself and added:
"I told her OF COURSE YOU ARE."
God only knows what she had said prior to prompt that conversation.

Today Mrs. F-B is regaling me with tales of her cars. She had an Austin, she had a Morris Minor, she had an Anglia, and a Colt and a Mini-Minor but it was a lemon and on and on.... A new car every two years.

I asked if her (late)husband drove her car.
"Oh no, nothing doing. He always drove a Jaguar."
(-of course he did. Silly me.)

We had some laughs after her driving stories and then I was off to ZeeZee's.
Pulling in to this million dollar driveway I always catch my breath, and just take in the view. She lives 20 feet from the high tide mark. The home is built in the shape of the letter *U*. The living room and dining room and master bedroom all have floor to ceiling windows two stories high. It is a stunning place to visit.
The street has grown up around her and the newer homes have gates and high powered alarm systems.

ZeeZee had the door standing open.
"I told you I would be up and ready!"

Usually we have to wake her up etc... but yesterday I made a point of telling her what time I would be ariving today. I wanted to see if she remembered.
Obviously so.

She is her brilliant best today, and I have such pleasure in her company it seems wrong that I am being paid for this. As I leave she says to me:
"Oh you don't know what it means to me you're coming. It is just such a blessing to me to have --you-- and I know I can't have --you-- all the time but I thank God for the days I can."

How humbling to be so loved today.

The love-in continued on most notably at the home of the wordsmith who is somewhat failing these days. There has been a change. He now repeats himself which is something that never before happened. This is not abnormal for a 98 yr old gentleman but it is sad in him.

We get the job done and he is regaling me with tales of his travels.
This is a very good visit. I now walk him out to his wife.
Leaving to tidy up my mess, and returning to say farewell, I have a little moment as I gaze his way to the chesterfield. He is wearing his jaunty little beret, looking just the artiste he is.

This man is Cary Grant + George Clooney + Jimmy Stewart.
Charming AND likeable without an ounce of deceit or licentiousness.

His wife smiles that I am laughing at the beret in delight and I am wishing aloud I had a camera in my pocket to take his picture. It is precious and priceless.

"Oh," she says, "Can you wait just a moment? I would like you to take a picture of he and I. We do not have a recent one."

She is in her 80s but looks 65. She does a wonderful job keeping him at home and he appreciates every moment of it.

So I do.

And now away....

She calls me back--

"He was so low this morning. I was worrying about how he would take whoever showed up. Thank you he is just 100% better. I am so glad it was you. You are a blessing."

She is a very lovely woman but not given to outbursts of gratitude nor flattery.
I am deeply touched.


Now what is it about today, what aura swirls around me this day that so reached my little clientelle?

Thank you, God, for a wonderful day.
It is not the flattery. It is the affirmation that I am doing what I should be.