Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

The euphoria of yesterday has given way to the harsh reality of today.
----holy moly my jaw hurts-----

Tighter and tighter to close the spaces so my jaw bones are aligned correctly and the scars are in all the right places. Of course moving teeth through bone is never painfree but when they winch me tighter the next day I generally want to call in sick.
My pain tolerance is very high but FUCK this hurts.

------ tsk tsk, a nixonism on my blog. NO fucks here thank you very much.
Wish I could say I gave at the Office but no, that just doesnt happen these days.

It was sunny today and I wore an orange singlet under a floral blouse that positively screams hawaiian colours. Oh how festive I am. This day was a good day.
The Wordsmith was on my list again today. The change really is noticeable.
He told me the same story 4 times. (sniff)
It's a good story. He would be very shocked to think he was a repeater.


Time catches us all. Representative as I am of the non-botoxed, stretched pulled or implanted feminine divine, I truly grieve for my sisters who feel never good enough.