Client Crap (things I cannot accept)

Because of the holidays, my workplace crew is minimal.
On top of that, it seems we had a few too many release from hospitals over the holidays.
This is a great thing, except we do not have the staff to service the needs of these people.

I saw two clients over the Christmas stats that spoke to my heart.
Both of these are male clients, both palliative, both in their own homes.
Both are nearing the end of their lives.
Both have family tending to most of their needs with some HomeCare nursing and some Home support.

Client 1 is hallucinating, shakey, in moderate pain and very upset about things having not yet accepted the inevitable. The family are visibly stressed and angry, and the atmosphere in the home is oppressive.

Client 2 is peaceful, accepting very invasive care and barely hanging in there.
When asked, he says the pain is managable. The family are emotional but supportive and the atmosphere in the home is one of quite bonding.

The difference?
Personalities aside, the difference is proper pain management.
When people are in terrible pain, they cannot waste energy on the pleasantries of life.

My little pet peeve is the Doctor who would release this gentleman back to his home, without ensuring there is a prescription on hand for some powerful sleep aides, and pain control.
Shame on them.

Next week, it won' t matter to the Doctor as this client will be in other realms.
But it matters to the families who remember every second of this time, and it matters to me.