Still an elf

Those who know, will know where to find this elf.


The Noise in my Head

Alot of my needing things clear and sorted, comes from living life with a Brain injury.
Most people think about Brain Injuries as gaping visible horrors endured by poor unfortunates. Looking at a person such as myself, it is all but impossible to believe that this pleasant looking head can contain such horrors.

The Noise in my head is like a hurricane. It swirls at colossal speeds within, scooping up stray thoughts and memories and hurling them at me ten at a time. Colours flash, sounds pierce and pain penetrates. It is a horror worthy of Edgar Allen Poe.

My brain is very quick even without the injury. Because my TBI took away my ability to filter extraneous material, I wear earplugs alot. I shirk crowds, and I only ever work one on one.

Big concepts are very easy for me. Fine details are not.
Motor skills are retrograde.
Short term memory suspect.

If I repeat myself in posts it is because the idea is new and fresh at the time.
Skip over what you wish.

So IQ 168+, diplomas one, certificates, three and patience naught.

This ought to be a good one.
I care deeply because I have been screwed over by the Health Care system myself.
I spend alot of money just to stay alive and mobile.

I want something better for my clients.
Something with dignity and choice.

We shall see, dive in with me.