Harmoniously Pepper-

No one ever said nicknames have to make sense.
I love my given name but there are waaaaay too many diminutives of it that I really really do not like. And they all seem to have unfortunate rhymes attached. When you have played a sport semi-professionally you get a nickname. When you have been a punk-ette you get a moniker.
The punk one involves some colourful anglo-saxon so the sports one is my choice.

People who I do not like at all call me variations of my given name.
People I like alot call me Pep or Pepper.
People from the murky distant past, yes you Mimi Grad, call me P.K..
(and that doesn't stand for play-kill)

But file this blog under Pepperkinz!


Happy My Birthday

Seems so strange that another year has winged by.

This year I am gainfully employed by the same gainful employer 3 years now.
I love my job. I love my new condo and I love my life.

All that is missing is someone to share with.