Timing is everything!

I believe in God.
I see his handiwork everywhere.
There was an event of confirmation the other day.

Sometimes shopping is so daunting I take the easiest possible routes.
This means going into drug stores for things like butter.
The price is better there anyway.
I did not pull into my regular area but parked a street behind.
I did not jump out of my car and zoom into the store in my usual manner.
I sat and leisurely listened to the end of a song.

As I came around the corner of the store I saw a very elderly woman on her knees; her walker a few feet away. Behind her a woman stood with a look of complete panic.
"Can I get some help here?"

You have to know elderly women cannot stay on those knees on cobblestones long.
You also have to know that the getting someone up is a knack.
Even well-trained people screw it up in a crisis.

I could see this well-intentioned woman was about to put her back out and most likely knock the woman over. But there is no time for such things so as the Samaritan is telling me to help get the woman up on the count of 3 I get the woman up. Then I see the blood. I have only gloves on me, but the uniform always lends authority.

"You stay here while I get the Pharmacist."

Bless his heart, he gloved up and brought out his kit and attended to the woman.
She was more embarressed than anything but being on blood-thinners she was bleeding hard in a few spots. All she could say was:
"Oh the Nurses are going to kill me when they see another skin tear."

I was going to offer to drive her home when I realised that likely she was in the best possible hands: God's.


I saw the Samaritan walking home.
She had a small child with her who was very serious.
As I drove by I honked and called out the window:
"Well done, good Samaritan. Good job!"

Both the Mom and the daughter walked a little straighter as they waved back.
You have to love that!


An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.
- Maurice Maeterlinck