"Some Goon"

"Have I told you this before?"

"My mother-in-law was the biggest bore. She told the same old stories over and over again. It drove me crazy"

well... actually yes you have told me this before. You tell me every time I come. In the same ways, with the same enthusiasm and same twinkles in your eyes.
And I love it.
It reminds me of that movie "Groundhog Day."
Some people think its a comedy. I believe it is a commentary.
On grace. Finding grace in unlikely mundane places.

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And so she told me this again.

" I moved to Winnipeg to help my sister. I can't remmeber why I moved there but we went skating every Friday night. It was just what young people did. There wasn't much to do and there wasn't any money although I guess we must have paid something to be there....

"I was sitting in the penalty box. My feet hurt. I looked up and this fellow skated by. I know this is horrible but I remember telling my cousin: "oh no, I think this goon is going to ask me to skate." Can you imagine? How awful I was.
But he asked me so very nicely and had such good manners and we had such a good time I did. And then he asked me to go out on Saturday night. Pretty soon we were dating regularly and by Christmas we were married.

We were planning for June but then he figured out he could claim me on his taxes for the whole year so we married in December.

I was his tax deduction."

Now, how sweet is that.
70 years later she remembers even the feeling of sore feet and looking up at him.
Some goon.

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