Another Coincidence

There are so many vinyl covered homes in this area.... most of them less than 15 years old. This is paradise where all come to retire if they can afford it.
Somehow, the secret got out in the last few years. New neighbourhoods of vinyl-clad structures everywhere.

There is one development with approximatly 300 homes, that is a strata.
The homes are beautiful of course, and expensive, and back onto a golf course.
What else to do in paradise?

My client is a man.
After a few visits it is obvious his dementia is very much worse than documented.
During my visit he invites me to see his "other cat" and opens the door to his very much younger daughter's bedroom.
"What are you doing in here again? Get out of here!"
She clearly was not expecting him to come in.
She looks exasperated and he looks surprised.

We sit down for a chat and he tells me he is 100 years old.
When I look non-plussed he says:" Actually I am 101"
Then he tells me some whoppers.

He was a witty devil. I could see flashes of incredible humour and little shimmers of intellect. But mostly, he is confused.

I look out the back window to the golfcourse.
I remember this house too.

I was doing CPR here a few years back while awaiting an ambulance.
My client had gone out in the nighttime and smashed her head against the concrete.
She got up and fell again. More than once.
She had broken and cracked bones and ribs all over.
And she did NOT come home, although she is happily living in a Nursing home now.

That is another house I do not think I would move into.

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