Speaking of spirals:

A few echos this week.
Spirals of power.
Spirals of shame.
Spiral staircases.

Power is delicate to wield.
You can crush it so easily.

Shame ricochets back and forth without bidding.

And staircases:
I always wanted a spiral staircase even though I had seen "The Haunting", the original B & W version with Claire Bloom, which is as good an advertisment NOT to have one as any.

Whilst eating my french toast and bacon as it my wont on Fridays, I ran into a gentleman from the church. He is a really cool guy.
Older and wiser than me of course.
I asked him how he was doing and he told me he was in the middle of building another home, having sold his last dreamhome for a tidy profit.
"My address is the God #"

apparantly 777 is God's perfect number.
At least my gentleman friend so believes.
(God's magic number is 137 btw, as any physicist (and kaballah) knows...)
That, I could comment on, but it would take a few thousand blogs.

"I just put in a spiral staircase."

--- cue twilight zone music ----