Tempus Fuggit

Ah, tempus fuggit.
Yes, yes I do know it is FUGIT.

Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning "time flees", more commonly translated as "time flies". I think I like the flees better.

Lately, I have spelled that phrase consistently wrong.
*Dr. Freud? Can you bring Jung with you this call please?"

It does encapsulate my thinking nicely tho.
Screw time.
It's an illusion anyway.

(on a related note):
My guest leaves in two days and then I can wind all the clocks up again.
I seem to have broken both clocks with Westminster chimes.
My handyman dropped one, and I was very nonchalant as I did not yet know my clock maker was no longer in the area.
I had an estimate on the repair by one of his competitors.
$300 IF he can get the parts.
My former clockman MADE parts he couldn't find.
Of course now he has departed this mortal coil for the great corkscrew in the sky.

Drat it all.
Pesky time.
In the way again.