"I will never forget YOUR name dear."

She never does either.
When she was a little girl, she and her friend would play with two porcelain dolls.
"Only the very best, they were exquisite dear."

The dolls were from France, with handmade clothes that included kid gloves and shoes. Both had a change of clothes but the one doll with the sausage curls had high fashion clothes while the other doll with straighter hair was more demure in all ways. She remembers when she was 6 years old, and playing with those dolls was the highlight of the week.

She told me how she and her best friend would fight over which one would have the more elegant of the dolls. That was the one they called by my real name. They called the other doll "Genevive.
The two little girls never used any other than those two names for the dolls.
The two best names they could think of.

My client and I have progressed to the point where she just calls me Genevive all the time now. I always laugh and it amuses me now the way it did the very first time as finally, I guess I am the other doll.

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