Spiral of Power

He walked to the backdoor with the watering can in his hand.
He went out and patiently watered every single pot and plant in the garden with many trips to the hose.

When we were not paying attention he opened the front door and went out to water the sole plant that hangs by the door.
There is no screendoor at the front and when he opened the door both small dogs raced past him and out the door to the busy ringroad in the townhouse complex. Out, out they ran across the lawns and driveways, to the main road.
One thought better of it and returned.
The other would be chien ala squish if even one car had been near.

"Get in the house or I will clobber you" he called.
He laughed.
"Come on you bad dogs get in here or I'll thrash you"
He laughed again like it was some great joke.
"That's right, I will thrash you to within an inch of your life."
"haha, of course I wouldn't do that! I love my doggies."

I have to tell you. I stood there frozen.
It was definitly NOT funny to me.
I looked at my sister.
"Takes you right back, doesn't it?" I asked.
"Yup", she said.