Time of No Reply

Sitting here listening to Nick Drake and just overwhelmed by the whole posthumous fame thing. I regret, if you can call it regret that I was not old enough to have seen Nick Drake in person. I enjoy his lyrics almost as much as his incredible guitar playing. Not many can do what he did. The notes sing out so clear and crisp - to think he could sing at the same time is beyond belief. His music is so wistful. In another reality there is Nick Drake scoring a film version of LoTR. Who better than one whose work is like a glimpse into a world that should have been that could be elsewhere.
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It is unbelievable to me that Cat Stevens was on every 1970's airwave and Nick Drake was not. Marketability is always so much to do with appearance and perceptions of same. Look at Jim Morrison- that loud boozy fat drunk who is marketed in perpetuity as a curly haired angel - a look he achieved only after 5 months of doing acid every day and losing most of his weight. He did not manage to keep that look for long either and yet if you Google him or see an article on him likely the accompanying graphic is this idyllic youth of almost neverwas.

Poor Nick Drake who could not/would not tour. Today he would be revered as a YouTube phenomena or just as a talented brilliant recluse -AND- sell zillions of records. All those years he bemoaned not selling - how sad that now that his records are, he is not around to benefit..

Ah Nick.
Too soon.
Wrong decade.
Very much missed now.

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