Spring and the Fever

Each spring, I, like the birds and bees, experience a deep urge to mate and nest. Or nest and mate. Or just mate. Being possessed of the sort of hormones that legends are made of, it was DECADES before it occurred to me that this might not be entirely a good thing.

Being older now and supposedly wiser, I have resolved to satisfy my spring fever by cleaning and baking and working out at the gym. Oh bugger well we all know I hate the gym so make that working out at Curves where I can pretend I am there to help someone else. Why do I hate the gym? Possibly because I have not got the sort of body that looks good in the ever present gym mirrors while sweating. I am a goddess. I have the goddess body, that came with the hormones. Fully functional and stuck on grande mode.
I am uncommonly strong though, and from time to time delight in going to a gym just to watch the hard core feel sorry for my round self until I do my 200 sit ups or a series of lifts. Even goddesses can be vain.

Now about the fever - should I start blogging about dates or new people in my life please email me and give me a virtual smack. There is no room around here for even the occasional companion. Check in two years.