A First For Me

I quote Wood's Current English Usage:
"GENDER. 'Being myself of the feminine gender, I suppose I should be
favourably disposed towards any proposal which would place women on an equal footing with men.'-From a women's magazine. Incorrect. Gender is a
grammatical term: only words have gender; human beings and other animals have sex."

In my time rolling around the planet, I have met all sorts of people with all sorts of gender identity tags. It does not really matter to me what orientation or origin a person has. It is their life, not mine. Having said that, it is not every day you meet a hermaphrodite.

During my time in the Care Lane, the most difficult of all things is to keep shock from showing on your face or in your attitude. It is only strange once and after that it is the known. The two times I remember struggling to keep myself neutral were upon seeing a person in the latter stages of bile duct cancer (the person was a horrid shade of green) and another person with a growth from their chest wall shaped exactly like a ginger root. As I said, it is only strange the first time.

I hope I do not sound tactless. I really am able to present myself as neutral.
But again, it is not often you attend to a double gendered person.

As Emily would say: