Nigel's Eggscape

In my INBOX today, was the most amazing picture with a cute little story from my Valentine boyo Nigel. Regular readers will know him as the man I could have-should have married. Many long years ago, we agreed to wait a year and see if we still loved one another as we were also best friends and no one wants to ruin a friendship over mere sex. We had the rock and roll and the kites, the British Motorcycles and the gourmet cooking, and we definitly had the fun but we never had the sex.

So what happened in that year?
Well - lots of personal things that can change the course of a life.
Of course this too is MY fault as I told Nigel to spend the year dating buxom sexy blondes to get it out of his system as I am not a fan of infidelity. Nigel was able to undress a woman from 50 yards by just looking at her. He did not salivate but he was definitely Mr. Wolf. Damn it, it just did not work out well for us. What a bugger of a thing. But he has his Alma and his house and his motorcycles and his amazing diamond-drilling business and I have my daughter. All things considered I believe I got the better end but I sure do miss my friend and all the fun.

So back to the Eggscape-
On the Solstice Nigel doesn't merely balance eggs. Last year it was Egg-henge and this year it is . . .