And how IS Shannon Tweed anyway?

A few guilty pleasures can make life interesting. One of my brand new gp's is watching cable television, quietly alone in my room. A few shows I have come to enjoy are CSI: Miami, CSI, and, uhm, (shh) Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

The CSI family are something I do not watch with my eyes- I listen with my ears while I MUD or write. I can't take the autopsies and gore but I do enjoy the mysteries. Gene and his family jewels I put my feet up and watch fully engaged. Gene Simmons is a guy I want to hate on principle being the fuck pig he is. But then, JFK had the same thing going on. It probably is not very good sex- I suspect he reserves that for Shannon Tweed. And speaking of Shannon - I wonder how she is feeling these days? After watching 4 back to back episodes of Family Jewels I googled Gene Simmons to find out how tall he is. Imagine my surprise to find that his sex tape scandal is a current issue. I had no idea that a man as smart as he is would make such an incredibly stupid mistake as to be filmed screwing around. Poor Nick and Sophie. But mostly, poor Shannon.

The success of the Gene Simmons family jewels show is not because Gene is so likable. It is because against all odds he landed the girl with beauty AND brains. Shannon is a great mom and a great spirit. She is the catch not him. And for whatever weird reason, possibly because he adores her but not enough to be monogamous, she appears to love him. Shannon Tweed is a woman that no other man in his right mind would cheat on.

I hope they work it out and I hope Mr. Gene Simmons grows up. But then, Mick Jagger never did. Somehow, I like Shannon alot more than I would ever like Jerry Hall.

What a curse to be famous.
Money isn't everything.
Loosing the respect of your children cannot be bought back.