-Just another day -

06:00 - uncharacteristically I do not wake until my alarm
07:00 - my private client has had a very bad night. We spent an hour+ cleaning him up, and another hour+ cleaning the bedroom. I get him up much to the surprise of his wife.
10:00- a walk at the beach with my doggieboy
11:30 - a very long visit at the Doctor with another private client having options explained.
13:00 - I get to the gentleman of the early morning and put him back to bed. More cleaning up.
14:30 - home again BBC7 I love you

15:30 - tutoring for someone who goes to a Private School that costs alot of money.
17:00 - dinner, such as it is.
19:45 - I light my candles and declare the day to be over.
But first - must fill my water jug.

Suddenly I see the blips on my answering machine. Why I have one is anyone's guess. I rarely answer the home phone unless expecting an urgent call. Uh oh- 1 have 13 unheard messages.
I listen to a few not so urgent and then one that is gently chiding me for not being available for last minute visitors as it is well known to be my day off and I am clearly just poking around somewhere.
------- *