Such a Strange Day

Somebody called my house this morning around 05:45. Perhaps it was a scheduler with more work for me I reasoned but alas, twas not. Thinking no more of it I lollygagged longer than usual in my toasty bed with my companionable dog. As I grabbed my stuff and headed out for work I was three steps out the door before I noticed the snow. April 19th and we had around 4 inches on the ground. Holy Hannah! I believe the early call was for someone else from a wannabe sledder. The roads were awful as I slid me way to my first few clients. By the time noon hit, the snow was but a memory in the area I was working in and just in tome too as I was headed for a very rural address.

The person I was sent to see seemed too young to have the multitude of conditions that read down the notes like a grocery list. As we spoke, frequent groans and gasps crept forth unbidden. Essentially the story was that after yet another hospitalization the discharge was home to die. Home was not really home at all as a good friend had stepped up to provide a room. The house was very large but the possessions were more than equal to it. STUFF EVERYWHERE! I know the house well from the outside at least as it is on the way to my wonderful Jennifer Weisner's Day spa - The Nevaeh Day Spa. Jenn of the many gifts- Jenn of the very best back facials ever - Jenn of the "Coddle me I am needy" enablement. Did I mention I love Jenn?

Jenn's place is farther up the road from that home but the reason it is familiar to me is that every year I buy my hanging baskets there. They are the best in this flower mad area. Now, the down side. For the second week in a row, the weekend scheduler did not check the allergens side and as a result I am lying here sneezing and coughing and waiting for the next dose of anti-allergens. There were 4 dogs in that home. Four long hair dogs. And two cockatoo's. Four Budgies. And judging from the evidence left in the blankets, a healthy colony of mice. It was pretty much overkill in the take out the asthmatic Health Care Personage.