Seasonally Cool

Let's face it - being cool is rarely about the weather.
Nevertheless Mr. T and I did the beach stroll today, wind howling in our ears. As we rounded a curve some hero in a pickup rolled down his window. "Does that look like a dog to you? Sure looks like a dog to me. Some people can't read."
We were paused beneath the huge "no dogs on beach March 1- May 30" sign. Mr. T was checking for messages. And yes, he was on a leash. I gave the hero my biggest smile and carried on. Silly man - the beach is the part with the sand and surf- the walk is the part with the concrete.

It is really truly unseasonably cool around here. No snow this week but lots of arctic winds. If Steve Brown had been at the park I would have brought out my kites but the goose poop field in the cold was not for me on my own. Somewhere around here I have some lines I can use. -mutter- Can you imagine it was 22 years ago that Ray Bethel taught me how to land my kite on the monument in Vanier Park? I did contribute to the bench in Ray's honour there but I would rather BE there flying than seeing pictures of it. Actually, perhaps not. It is the Vancouver of the 80's I am missing not the Vancouver of the now. I miss flying with Ray alot. I miss Nigel more. Hell Rob Riley, you dirty dawg, I even miss you. Rob was in my BAD BOY books for years because he let Nigel and my kites get caught up by the incoming tides at Long Beach because he thought we were off making whoopee somewhere when, in fact, we were off buying batteries for the great Teddy Bear Drop from one of those HUGE airflow kites. I cannot remember the kite makers name- was it Hans? He was a master anyway. Our kite lines were hopelessly tangled and to rescue them, we had to cut alot of lines. We struggled to save our kites while 20 feet away, Rob sat watching. He was willing to let our entire inventory wash out to sea. I lost one of my best kites to the tide. And Rob lost my friendship.
Rob had already angered me by smuggling his joints into the States in the spar spaces of Ray's kites. Ray blissfully crossed the border just him and his van of kites, and Rob's stash while Rob rode in another vehicle. Even back then it was a very tricky and audacious move. And it pissed me off. :)

Not long ago some MAN who I once dated told me that almost everything pisses me off.
hmmm - perhaps what he meant was more that I do not take things quietly. Forgive yes, forget- perhaps. Not quite the Christian standard but when you were raised by wolves it is the status quo. As I, Braineater once titled his album - "The renaissance of phenomenon - EAT OR BE EATEN." That pretty much sums up growing up in our home. I am positively MELLOW now by comparison. No regrets. (well except for Nigel) In a parallel universe somewhere I am Mrs. Nigel and we travel the continent together for the kite festivals and visit his drill sites all over the world. In this world, Mr. T and I get cozy after our beach outing.

So no kites, and a very very lazy day off.

Today I actually logged onto Facebook and perused some names from the long long ago.
Some people I miss. Most I remember with great fondness. Dawn and Kathy and Joey A.

Time to get my cool self into work mode.