New People, Places and Faces

Not so very long ago, my Mondays were chock-a-block full of my 90 year olds, all living independently in their own homes. 2 deaths, and 3 placements to Extended Care later, my Monday list looks very different. Not alot of people like the 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock slots, so I have been through a few people on the road to a more stable clientèle.

This morning I met two new people. One is a person recovering from aneurysm surgery. Slowly. The other is trying to regain independence after a hip replacement that did not quite take. This is perhaps the 3rd person this year I have met who has had a bad reaction to this particular surgery. -sigh

And then there was my afternoon client. I have gone to the spouse for quite a while during a terrible battle with cancer. Now I am with the partner as my client died last week. Felt a little weird I must admit. The good thing was that death came as a blessing and there are few grief and loss issues. Also it was a good life comparatively speaking. *Eighty Nine years*

It was a little more driving than I would like ideally today. My former client list was all contained within about 5 kms. Today I was at each corner of my area.

Lady D and I had coffee today. She is looking alot better. Now that chemotherapy is over with, she has a three week break and then its radiation. Honestly, where she gets her courage from I do not know. As I was parking my car after work, I realized the sign warning of oxygen in use was no longer present in my neighbours home. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 28 from ovarian cancer.

Cancer is .... a bitch.