-= & Anti-Grace -=

Just as a measure, a marker, a roadmap to this perceived grace of mine -
Here is an exerpt from a letter from --someone-- in the family referring to La Professional.

You will get the idea REAL fast.

---> snip

(la professional) is lucky it was not me, I would have torn her apart shred by shred, taking every bit of her credibility, her good name, and left her with nothing. Left in my hands, one of us would have had to leave, and it would not have been me. I would never have let that pathetic, self absorbed, embellished, tacky, classless, transparent, dried up menopautic husk of a woman do to me what she did to him. To be betrayed the way that he was deserved a good old witch burning with witnesses and lots of foul talk being spread, not to mention the odd 'scare' being sent her way.

snip <------


I love that letter.
It's so.... LITERATE!
Why is evil so very very alluring? I am the evil really. The one who pretends to want grace and yet obviously yearns for something quite different.