Seclusion - me and my pattootie!

OH my. Seclusion. While I enjoy the solitude, its the circumstances that I am less pleased with. Knowing that I was required as a tutor (unpaid of course) and that I am notoriously poor at multitasking, I endeavored to take some days off. The first solution, the solution that does not require using vacation time, is to use those lovely lieu days that an employee working statutory holidays accrues. To take these days off means to take a day off UNPAID so essentially its not something most people jump for joy over. To work a stat is one thing, to take the lieu day owed quite another.

Somehow in the whole get-the-person-in-question-through-school thingee, I got carried away and took my lieu days all in one pay period. Perhaps this means nothing to most, but I run a pretty damned tight ship here what with the cost of *extras* like tuition for the munchkin and brain meds for me. To keep balance in my life (read: to quell the storms within that occur when in the company of loud persons) I do not work a regular week. *AND* I live in paradise. The single smart financial decision of my life was to purchase a smaller home in a price range that could be afforded on a small income. I sold my ocean view gorgeous home at the bottom of the market, paid off he-who-I-never-obeyed, and never looked back. My old home, if I still owned it, could now be sold for enough money to buy this condo outright AND give me a pretty sweet pension fund. But noooo- that would never happen. :P

So these coming weeks I shall probably blog my sweet pattootie off since I can't afford to leave the house. Brown rice and beans yummy yum. And seclusion.