Appropo of Nothing...

Lady D and I investigated a new coffee venue in the resort area. On the way there L.D. volunteered that this place also served sushi. We enjoyed home made chai tea and freshly baked cookies whilst looking out the window to this newly developed time share time place. When my Mother was alive, each of the resorts along that area was entered by long long lanes assessible from the only highway that went through this little seaside town. Now that the world has decided to move here, those lanes have been bisected by an entire new road that rings through the area, and the land between that road and the highway is where this new developement is.

Lady Di is looking very good now that the chemotherapy is in the past. Monday is the start of her three week radiation stint. I hope and pray that this is easy on her.
If nothing else, the cancer society provides excellent transport and housing for her during her stay. Not that you can fool yourself into believing its a vacation but its got to be easier than having poisons course through your system making you lose your hair and feel horrible at the same time.

The doorbell just rang - and I answered because I remembered that April is cancer month which is in fact exactly what I greeted the canvasser with. Poor woman had been waiting for good weather to do her canvassing but that doesnt seem likely to occur. We swapped fear of mastectomy stories and agreed we would see each other at the clinic.

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Cancer is a word, not a sentence.
~John Diamond