Braving the wild winds sweeping down the coast, I drove home from the family domicile to my own cosy condo. It was dark as well as gusty, with clouds in hues deep purple and black speeding past the ascending moon. It was so much more impressive a few mornings ago when it was setting at 11 am, fat and full in the western skies.

It was another good day. I am pleased that I did not immediatly go to bed after work, unlike yesterday where all day all I could think about was getting home and into bed. Not even a boyfriend about! Where would I put one if I had one?

One of my bathtime rituals is the reading of Vanity Fair magazine cover to cover. It was the November issue's term tonight. Something Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher said rang true.
When asked by that rapscallion George Wayne if she ever has a (prescription) drug-free day. she wisely answered:
"No. I am a mental diabetic."

Well said indeed.