Tom Cruise

Do you ever wonder who Tom Cruise pissed off? I do.

How can you go from glowing matinee idol, beloved of zillions, to scorned and reviled-- without doing anything much different than your neighbour in any town village or city?
After all, he did not bleach his skin like some.... murder his ex wife like some.... chroncile affairs with endless groupies like some....

Why Tom? Why now?
Oh sure I love to pull my idols down too. Only within reason though.
Likea certain lead singer of the band Hole's infamous intrusion to Madonna's MTV interview where she climbed up and fucked up and fell down... THAT's asking for it.
(score with Love singing in the background: "did she ask you nice? If she was asking for it.... did she ask you twice?")

Is Tom Cruise too happy for the great media moguls to tolerate?
Was the world as we know it threatened by his obvious zest for life and love of his work?
Was it too far when he decided to speak his mind, and really tell us what he thought?

Can it be that unscripted movie stars are more dangerous than allowed?

Whatever the reason, Tom is the scapegoat of 2006 in the tabloid press and other media that should know better. I do not happen to think Tom is a bad person because he is a Scientologist. More likely, Tom is a very good person because of his great belief and practise of Scientology. Like many strong minded folk, Tom likes to share what he passionatly believes in with others. In his case, the world.

So damned what?
He is getting the same or worse press that say, George Michael and his men's room forays did.

Who did Tom piss off?
Like it or not unnamed grouches, Tom Cruise will overcome even you.
In the end, who the hell cares what others think?

For my part, I wish him well.
Tom, I envision you holding your newest child and gazing into her clear blue eyes with joy and harmony.

So Tom Cruise; spread that gospel of yours.
Your brand's different from mine but in the end ...
All that ever remains is love.

------- *
"Love is an endless act of forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit."- Peter Ustinov