Good good good good Vibrations!

We were discussing ghosties and goblins today. Mostly we were discussing ghosties.
Sitting in a million dollar home with the Lady of the house who moved there when it was just the point and a gravel road....
She is one of my very most favouritest people. I loves her.

It is embarressing and annoying to her that she needs help but she is in her 90s.
She is a very grateful sort of person who well knows her own eccentricities. I listen to her life and see aspects of my own oddness. We are kindred spirits separated by age and circumstance sharing a strand of time together. She is truly a gift to my mind and heart from the Universe.

Not often do you get elderly women quoting Wordsworth to you in regular conversation.
We were discussing energies and death--- which you may find odd but it is not awkward for either of us. I do not think of her as old and she does not think of me as young. I think of her as a friend really. Not a great personal friend, but another kind soul... of my kind. We are of the same tribe.

When we sit together looking out to the ocean, especially at high tide, it is magnificent.
The energies swirling around there are all positive.

Oh how I love what I do.
And what is it I do?

Not necessarily what the job description is.
Much to the horror of the *people who matter*, I care.
Truly I care.

--------- *