Officially now I am certified trailer trash. And lovin it.

Every available episode of Trailer Park Boys was watched by *me* this last week.
The only one I did not care for was the one where they(Trailer Park Boys: Season 4 - Episode #3 - Rub 'N Tiz'zub) decide to get "ho's" to make some extra cash to buy the trailer park from Mrs. Lahey. It was too ..... trashy?

Having said that, the funniest bit ever for me was in that very episode where Julian awakens in his tin-foiled empty trailer cold and alone and goes out to be with Bubbles in the shed. He wears his sleeping bag over himself to stay warm and Bubbles, who of course has been up late watching conspiracy theory shows particularly on Sasquatches.... calls Ricky who naturally looks out the window and assumes the worse.

The best line ever from the lips of Mrs. Lahey: watch this
"well boys, I heard you beat the shit out of each other last night with baseball bats."

ok ok, I guess you had to be there but did I ever laugh. My belly is still sore.