I blame Julian

Last night, having a great deal of jaw pain and not coping with it very well, and knowing that if I take any pain medications I will sink into that awful sadness that overwhelms me when any sort of medication is in my system (other than brain drugs....) I opted to watch the original move "Trailer Park Boys."

This "Trailer Park Boys" is the black and white little faux documentary that launched Ricky and Julian into their own Showcase program. By mid-point I had decided a Tylenol 3 was in order. I do like to actually be able to swallow without weeping. By the end of the show I decided another, my final in the bottle, Tylenol 3 was in order and I fell off to dreamland at 9pm or so.

This morning is my morning to volunteer at the place which brings me such joy and delight. I am expected around 8 am. Some mornings I slink in around 8:15 but today I was not on the job until 08:45 am. I blame Julian.

You see, I have a strange sexual attraction to men with well-defined arm muscles. It is nothing that I consciously have developed, it is one of those hard-wired choices. When I watch "Trailer Park Boys" I am spending way too much time looking at the character Julian's arms. It is the black t-shirt drawing attention to it. A blatant ploy aimed at the silly women like me.
It works.

so .....

Sitting in my regular breakfast joint, I gaze across the restaurant, nonchalantly of course, and see a man who is #1: alone #2 about my age give or take 10 years --and--
#3 wearing a black teeshirt showing off his not unimpressive arms.

Okay yes, I really am that lame.
Yes yes yes.

See what happens when you are single too long?
At least I don't (yet) have ten cats.