Canadian, eh

Why do I love the Trailer Park Boys so very much?
It is because they represent the best of Canada. Yeah, you hear me, the best!

The boys love their dope all righty, but they mostly love each other.
They are inclusive, tolerant and in some cases, (Julian), sexy!
Sorry, had to put that in.

What other country has a show of low-income societal marginal types breaking and bending the law, enjoying gender doubtful relationships, sending kids out for cigarettes,.... oh the list goes on.

Having actors willing to put themselves way way out there in a role likely to dominate their careers and not necessarily in a way most would covet.... that's Canadian!

Only in Canada would we embrace a former cop gone security guard/supervisor/drunken buffoon/ sexual miscreant/ zipping around with a pot-bellied shirtless former male prostitute syncophant. Oh it just doesn't quite translate to text, now does it?

Trailer Park boys is about family. Their fucked up families love each other.
That's Canadian, eh?