Cookin' & Fear (food factor)

Where to start?

The icy roads everywhere?
The drivers crowding my back bumper to endanger all our lives when next they went whizzing past shooting ice and sleet onto my window?
The way I managed to be both late and at the wrong address more than once?

About the roads: They are not just bad they are awful. The highways are passable and the main intersections are fine (all 6 of them) but venture off and you are on your own. No one in their right mind is attempting the drive.
Except HealthCare providers.

Paradise is known for a temperate climate. There is very little in the way of snow removal equipment about in the City yards, and even less manpower to operate it.
One perk of serving the wealthier-than-thou is the private road management.
A few millionaire contractors scattered hither and yon the tony areas I service keep the driveways clear. Oh Thank God for small mercies.

A very good samaritan pushed me out of a scrape today when I was caught on a hill and couldn't quite get going. Still wonderful people around in these terrible days.

Now I am cooking a stuffed flank of pork to have with my mashed potatoes and cabbage.

A little fear was good for me.

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