Since I abandoned my other blog and deleted the *big* one, this is all that remains of digital rantorama avec moi. Never bothering to check beyond content, I bah-logged and blah-ogged to my hearts content. ♥ ♥

Now things are a little different as I explore the structure of different webpages to see how things are done. It is really interesting to explore the HTML and yes I know its so 1996 but remember I lost ten years of my life so I am relatively current.

This last while, in November's dark dreary days, I am exploring the way people collapse their archiving. No doubt you can do this with the click of the right button but searching through the code is more fun.

Binary girl.
oh who am I fooling. I remain analogue girl in digital world.
But I excel at spotting patterns. It is one of those weird traits I have in spades.

Some of my best skills are really Chinese curses.
Interesting but..... difficult to live with.