C-c-c-c-c-cold out there

Last evening I DID go out and I DID stay out until the end of the event and I DID drive home in the slick startings of a good snowfall. Then I promptly went to bed where sleep eluded me due to,oh, 7 cups of coffee and about 13 desserts, and two extra strength tums.

Not thinking to check my messages, nor even worried about it, I set my alarm and got up fashionably late. This was due to a later than usual start time. Plotting where I would enjoy my morning coffee, I opened the door to winter. How could snow have eluded my mind? It was thick and heavy and UNploughed. The morning coffee routine went into the waste basket.

Whether the city workers were themselves snowed in, or some other cosmic misalignment came into play, the roads were bloody awful. As I drove past the same giant firs and cedars that last week were bending dangerously in the wind, it occurred to me that the weight of heavy snow might be more dangerous.

Parking two blocks away from my destination due to unploughed roads me and my gumboots hiked in. My clientelle is heavy and two workers are required. No surprise, worker 2 did not show up.

I expected the telephone to ring all day but it did not.
That's because it had rang last night and this morning and I had not heard it nor the messages exholling me to call in for changes to my schedule.

--- oops

Well - - - *MY* clients got service.
--- *

I am so very grateful to be home in one piece.
The driving was not without a bit of trepidation, and I did actually do two half doughnuts on the main drag when someone cut in front of me and my brakes were forced into useage. Not fun.


When driving on ice or snow, allow plenty of room to stop and start. ...