Strange Associations

Turner Classic Movies.
My guilty pleasure au jour.

Today a profound sense of deja-vu as a film was rolling.
Transported instantly to Commercial Drive in Vancouver, to the Theatre that showed double features; art films if you will. It was Ingmar Bergman night and the film was "The Seventh Seal."

Having just recently done a complete cold turkey withdrawal from misprescribed medications, and a tweaking on newly prescribed ones, I was not at my finest.
In fact, I was quite sure everything was all right until, routinely, I would fall asleep. Anywhere, anytime. This of course was a new thing to me and rather delightful as I had endured long years of insomnia and any sleep beyond 4 hours uninterupted was in the realm of fairyland for me.

"The Seventh Seal" was of course, subtitled, and somewhere in the whole Knight and Death chess match thing, I snoozled off. Naturally I had nightmares of the apocolyptic type, and when I awakened it was to the gentle shaking of the conciege.
Everyone else was gone, egad.

This was better than the night I woke up with my head of someones shoulder.; his girlfriend, oblivious on the other side...

Watching the Seventh Seal again was an odd experience.
All those strange associations I kinda almost sorta have.
Bergman stated in an interview that the film had helped him overcome his fear of death, perhaps it did the same for me.
Quelle bizarre.

"And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour."
(Revelation 8:1)