It has been a long time since I experienced a true flashback.
At times, quite often in fact, I have deja-vu. Not the same at all.

The television was on and highlights of the week were being played.
Sports it was.
Seattle Mariners reliever Rafael Soriano took a ball in the head.
He fell over and lay on the mound.
As his hand went to his head, mine went to my head too.

I was out of my mind for a moment or two and I heard my voice saying:
"I can't watch this, I can't."
The television was off and I was halfway up the stairs before I could take my hand off my head.

I went to bed immediatly.
Slept for 4 hours in the daytime.

The impact on my head... I felt it in that moment.
I remember the sensation absolutely clearly.
Funny how something that I had forgotten for so long, until it became evident that SOMETHING had damaged my neck and spine.... something BIG....
funny that it could come back to me now in a perfect memory unbeckoned, unwanted.

If not for Geraldine McCann I would be dead.
She is the one who yelled for me to look up.
If not for my God-given common sense I would have bled out.
Not even my School Principal could get my hands off my head.
They were clasped over the injury.

That wham and thud... I hope the pitcher is all right.