My Joy

I lick up lips for the last of the chocolate crumbs from the birthday cupcake that Allison & Ryan have brought me. I get such a kick out of them calling me: Mrs.
Noone told them any differently and I don't mind. It is sort of fun pretending to be my Mom!

It is the big chair for me today. Like on the Enterprise. I point at my crew and commandingly say: "Make it so!" My big black comfie office chair.

My joy today is working for the School as a Volunteer in the Office.
I toil not nor do I despair. It is all good. I work quite handily and enjoy every single aspect of it. If I were to get paid for this I would no doubt feel differently.

Christian Education has been good to me and I like to return the favour ala Pay it Forward. My time is far more valuable than my money. (what money?)

All the libling day shining happy faces come in and out asking for this and that, and oh how I love it. All God's children.

The only sour note is that somehow I managed to delete the Kindergarten class members in the Attendance programme. oops.

Hee hee
Nothing is unfixable. I will call support in a momentito.
First I must embrace my joy.