Otherworldly Rant

It is evening and the stealthy orcs are haunting Hollin Ridge.
Ancient Hollin is crawling with them, and I have a night's work cut out for me.

Now some would not bother with such a small thing, after all there are bigger meaner things further east, but I find the presence of even ONE orc there offensive.
I put my blade to as many as I can and go to sell the loot. When I enter the shop there are around 45 knives on the ground and 45 cylindrical cases. How odd.

Being a sensible type I sell everything that is on the ground and deposit the money in the bank. Then I carry on.

I will spare you the details of what happened later.
Suffice to say it resulted in me having a hissy fit and typeing *leave*

I know I know.....
Anyone writing about killing orcs is suspect.